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The Believe collection is available now in our super comfy tees and perfect for fall hoodie sweatshirts.

10% of all proceeds from Believe apparel benefit Defenders of Wildlife, an organization dedicated
to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities.

Artist Dylan Somberg has a lifelong love for animals and nature.  

“[As a kid] animals were always good to me. Sometimes people weren’t always nice, but animals showed compassion and love. If you’re kind to them they are kind back and I like that.” 

Dylan’s love of animals and nature can be seen in his art, which often depicts animals and patterns based on nature. “I like the colors that come from nature, all the natural colors and patterns.” Though Dylan says his favorite animal is his dog, he especially likes rare and uncommon animals. “I like exotic animals and animals that are weird or unusual because they’re all different, each one is unique. Even if they look the same… they have their own patterns, their own markings. They are all unique and special, I think that’s cool.”

Dylan’s love of animals extends to animals that are extinct, as well as those which may or may not exist. “I like prehistoric stuff, and there’s some interesting extinct animals like the Tasmanian Tiger. I also like cryptozoology. I’ve drawn Nessie, and Mothman, [but] Bigfoot is my favorite. I like the mystery part of Bigfoot, the exploring for evidence and all the stories. There’s stories from all over the world.”

In fact, Dylan’s Believe Design is inspired by the first Bigfoot story he ever heard, “When I was a kid, like 10 or 14, I saw one of those paranormal shows [about Bigfoot] and then afterward I drew him out of my head. [Recently] I found that drawing in the basement and thought, ‘maybe Bigfoot could be a t-shirt?’ And now it is! I had fun redoing it after all this time and adding detail and background and stuff.”

Given Dylan’s love for animals it’s no surprise his cause of choice is all about preserving the natural habitats of animals. On the importance of wildlife conservation Dylan says, “We have to protect the planet’s ecosystem, for the animals and for everybody. We’re all connected….people are also animals, we need to care for the environment for all animals.”

That’s why 10% of all proceeds from Believe apparel will go directly to support Defenders of Wildlife.  

Founded in 1947, Defenders of Wildlife is a US-based conservation organization dedicated to the protection and restoration of imperiled species and their habitats in North America.  They believe in the inherent value of our wildlife and our natural world.

Defenders of Wildlife is one of the country’s leaders in science-based, results-oriented wildlife conservation.  They work towards their mission through a multi-pronged approach of education, advocacy, research, and litigation specifically around 3 areas of focus: protect native animals and plants, restore and preserve habitats, and advocate for environmental legislation.  Defenders of Wildlife is an impactful advocacy organization with a long history of success (they championed the Endangered Species Act).  They work to protect and restore America’s native wildlife, safeguard existing habitats, resolve conflicts, work across international borders, and educate and mobilize the public.

Defenders of Wildlife have comprised a comprehensive 10-year actionable and strategic plan, outlining their goals and focus areas.  We encourage you to check it out and see where your donation is going – it’s very cool stuff.

And 97% of their funds go towards program and support services, so your donation through purchasing Believe apparel is going to make a difference.

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