This shirt fights hate!
All proceeds from Sam Morris's Heartshine apparel are donated to the Anti-Defamation League supporting their mission to fight hate for good.
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Limited edition tees and sweatshirts featuring the message of artist Sam Morris are on sale through March 30th.

All proceed will be donated to the Anti-Defamation League, supporting their mission to fight hate for good.

People, Love, Art.

Our who, why, and how.

People Love Art exists to empower artists with disabilities through the sale of high quality tees and prints featuring their unique art.

Every shirt worn or print displayed is an opportunity to raise awareness and expectations of people with disabilities.

We’re working to create an authentic brand that this community can take part in and take pride in.

How does People Love Art work?


Artists submit their artwork.

Artists or studio collectives who would like to see their art be a part of our brand can submit their work by emailing us at


We make shirts and prints.

We’ll print our artists’ unique work onto the softest high quality apparel and archival fine art prints, then sell them right here on our site.


The artist’s voice is heard.

Each artist we feature will have a unique artist page to promote their work, tell us about themselves, and share the message behind their art.


We pay artists.

Fifty percent of the profit from each sale goes directly to the contributing artist or studio partner.

A t-shirt isn’t right for every occasion…

On you bag, your hat, even on your suit, you can spread the love everyday with this high quality hard enamel lapel pin!

For just $8 you can show your support and help fund our first run of prints and apparel, coming soon!

Grab yours now!

People Love Art is looking for artists and studio partners!

Whether you’re an artist or a studio collective, People Love Art can help you share your art and message with a wider community – while creating income from the sale of high quality tees and prints featuring your unique style!

Become An Artist

Share your work with us.

Become A Studio Partner

Join the People Love Art Community

Want to know more about People Love Art?

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Our soft stylish apparel and stunning fine-art prints will be available soon.  

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